Film Submission


The scenery becomes our greatest memory;

and our fame is accomplished frame by frame.

In your eyes we see stories, and for the world we see masterpieces.


1. Individuals or teams may enter the competition. When submitting as a team, please use the director as the representative, and do not submit the same work more than once.

2. Commercial work and works that have won awards in other competitions are not allowed.

3. If a nominee is unable to participate on the day of the final, he/she must contact the authorities and appoint a proxy to receive the award.

Types of Entries

1. Videos related to the theme “Furry culture” are eligible for submission. There is no restriction on the form of the content, nor restriction on whether the characters must be a fursuiter or human.

2. The recommended resolution of the video is 1920*1080 HD 1080p (or higher), preferred in horizontal format.

3. The video must include opening, and closing credits and a complete staff list.

Application & selection schedule

1. The application phase starts from now until 23:59, June 16th, 2024

2. The official will initially review the application videos, and after confirming that there is no violation of the rule, the video will be uploaded to the FurMIT official website for publicity to see.

3. The list of finalists will be announced on the official website within two weeks after the entry has ended.

4. The popularity contest will be held during the FurMIT2024 event.

How to apply

1. Please apply through the application form. After the official confirms that all the documents and video links are correct the application will be marked as complete.

2. All information in the application form will be used as the basis for the announcement of the finalists and the award ceremony, the applicant will be held responsible for any errors.

3. Individual applicants must be the director or the producer of the submitted movie.

4. The work must be uploaded to a personal cloud drive and provide a valid link for the official to obtain the file.


1. Popularity Award Top 3

2. Best Feature Film
Awarded for the work with outstanding storyline, characterization, and emotional expression.

3. Best Performance
Awarded for work with outstanding performance in music, dance, and picture.

4. Best Actor
Awarded to an individual actor who excels in character interpretation.

Judging & Prizes

1. The popularity award will be voted by the participants of the FurMIT2024.

2. Other awards will be reviewed and selected by professional judges.

3. The winning individual/team will receive a FurMIT special trophy.


1. Entries must not contain any defamatory content, harassing, abusive, threatening, excessively violent, racially discriminatory, promoting a particular political position, pornographic, explicit, or in violation of or inciting others to violate any law, or other inappropriate content. Violation of this may result in disqualification by the organizer.

2. The entrant should guarantee that the submitted work is his/her original work and will not infringe upon any person’s right to portrait, privacy, name, etc. and that no other third party will claim any authority over the work. If found to be true, the official may request the winner to return the prize (or the equal amount of the prize value if it is not possible to return the prize). Any violation of the relevant laws will be the responsibility of the participant, and the organizer shall not be held liable for any responsibilities. If any damages are caused to the organizer or any other third party, the entrant shall be held liable for the cost.

3. The submitted works shall not cause any damage to the life, body, or health of any person or animal.

4. The entrant is responsible for any mute or other problem caused by copyright issues after the submission is published.

Intellectual Property Rights

1. The entrants who submit an entry shall guarantee that he/she has obtained all intellectual property rights of the entry at the time of submission. If the organizer or any other third party suffers any damage due to the submission of an entry for which he/she has not obtained intellectual property rights, the organizer will disqualify the entrants from the competition and will assert all legal rights against him/her.

2. The intellectual property rights of all submitted works remain with the entrant, but the entrant agrees to authorize the Organizer to use or authorize a third party to use the entrant‘s works, pictures, and related texts submitted in the competition for marketing and publicity; Thus, the entrant agrees to grant the Organizer a non-exclusive, unlimited and uncompensated license to use the name, image (including but not limited to images, photographs, etc.) of the entrant for the Event in all media now or in the future.

3. The entrant agrees that the Organizer may use his/her name, images (including but not limited to pictures, photographs, but only those provided by the participant), and information related to his/her work (including but not limited to the title of his/her work, a brief description of his/her work, the name of the creators and the name of his/her work, etc.), for advertisement, public relations and other marketing purposes such as the production of the event program, either in the present or in the future and there is no need to obtain further authorization from the entrant or pay any extra fees.。

4. The entrant retains the copyright of the work but agrees that he/she shall not assert the copyright against the Organizer to the extent necessary for the use of the work in the preceding terms.

5. The Organizer reserves the right to interpret all rules and regulations of the competition. The Organizer reserves the right to modify or terminate this event at any time without prior notice and any changes will be posted on the official event website and at the event venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where will the submitted works be used?

A. Submitted works will be used in promotions and public presentations for FurMIT’s event.

Q. How should I fill my submission if there are two or more directors?

A. There can be more than one director, simply fill in both director’s name and bio. However there may only be one bust shot/portrait for the director, so please have the two directors appear in the same picture.

Q. Can I upload my social media platform?

A. Yes, you are welcome to promote your work on your social media platforms.